Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum development is an on-going process. The Carlynton School District recognizes the need for continuous development, review and revision of the district's curricula in order to appropriately align our programs to the Pennsylvania Core Standards and increase student achievement. The District recognizes its responsibility for the continuous development, assessment and improvement of the educational program of the schools. To this end, the curriculum is evaluated, developed and modified on a continuing basis and in accordance with a plan for curriculum improvement, based on the Pennsylvania Standards, Assessment and Accountability Systems and student achievement data.

District Test Coordinator/Curriculum Supervisor/Data Coach
Edward Mantich, Ed. D
412-429-2500, ext. 1130
[email protected]

The Carlynton School District defines curriculum as a series of planned instruction that is coordinated, articulated and implemented to result in achievement of specific knowledge and skills, and application of such knowledge by all students. Through the process of curriculum mapping, our curriculum is being refined and developed to match the Pennsylvania State Standards and the Common Core Standards and to prepare our students to effectively function within a global society.

The curriculum serves all learners. It includes essential lessons and structure so all children can learn and be able to grow in the areas of language arts, mathematics, sciences, social studies, health, safety, physical education and the arts. It supports exceptional children - those with disabilities, the highly-able and English language learners. It defines the educational purposes that the district seeks to attain and describes the educational experiences, the instructional materials and procedures, and the assessments that are provided to achieve these purposes.

Our on-going work with curriculum and data are crucial components of our efforts to continually strive for excellence within the Carlynton School District. We are dedicated to providing a program of distinction that enables all students to reach their highest potential so they will lead us successfully and responsibly into the future.

Social Studies   
American Cultures I American Cultures II
American Government and Economics AP U.S. History Framework
Pre-AP U.S. History I Sociology
World History I World History II
Psychology I  Psychology II
Modern World Religion   

Foreign Languages  
Spanish 7   Exploratory French 7
 Spanish I   French I 
 Spanish II  French II 
 Spanish III Dual Enrollment   French III
 Spanish IV Dual Enrollment   French IV
 Spanish V Dual Enrollment    French V 
Art, Kindergarten
Art, Grade 1
Art, Grade 2
Art, Grade 3
Art, Grade 4
Art, Grade 5
Art, Grade 6
Art, Grade 7
Art, Grade 8
Ceramics and Sculpture
Crafts and Mixed Media   Creativity and Innovation
Drawing and Painting  Graphic Design
World Art History  

Health and Physical Education 
Physical Education 7-8            Physical Education 9-12
Wellness I Wellness II
Wellness III Health Grade 4
Health Grade 5 Health Grade 6
Kindergarten Music
Grade 1 Music Grade 2 Music
Grade 3 Music                          Grade 4 Music
Grade 4 Band Grade 4 Choir
Grade 5 Band Grade 5 Music
Grade 5 Choir Grade 6 Music
Grade 6 Band Grade 6 Choir
Music 7  Music 8
Junior High Chorus Junior High Band
Senior High Chorus Men's and Women's Ensembles
Senior High Band Percussion Ensemble
Digital Music Production Music Theory
Pep Band  

Family and Consumer Science
Child Development I Child Development II
Early Childhood Development  Parenting and Infant Development 
Parenting and Child Development I  Parenting and Child Development II
Food Science and Nutrition Life Management Grade 8
Housing, Interior Design and Sewing  Independent Living
Teen Living Career Exploration Grade 8

Business Ed and Technology  
Sports and Marketing
Money and You
Accounting I
Accounting II
Web Tools
Google Applied Digital Skills
Tech Ed Digital Skills Grade 7 Tech Ed Digital Skills Grade 8
Entrepreneurial Innovations  Entrepreneurial Product Marketing
 Google Applied Digital Skills  Computers 7
 Computers 8  
Career Development  
Career Exploration 8 Chasing Excellence with a Champion Mindset 
PAWS Curriculum K-3 PAWS Curriculum 4-6

Life Skills  
Life Skills ELA 7-8
Life Skills ELA 11
Life Skills Mathematics 7-8
Life Skills Mathematics 11
Life Skills SSD 7, 8, 11
Peer to Peer Science
Peer to Peer Science 1  Peer to Peer Science 2
Peer to Peer Practical Living  Peer to Peer Meteorology
Peer to Peer Art Peer to Peer Digital & Technology

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