Survey Results

Survey Results: Should we reopen schools?
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Superintendent Dr. John Kreider and the Board of Education have reviewed the data from the recent survey provided to our families. Parent responses and opinions were wide-ranging and diverse, with some passionate about keeping their children at home while others insisted students should return to the classroom.

Charged with making a responsible decision for the well-being of 1,200+ students of the District, as well as considering the safety of faculty and staff, administrators and the school board are presented with a very difficult decision.  

In terms of returning to in-person instruction in our schools, the data concluded:

65% of those surveyed would like their child(ren) to return to school on January 19

70% would like to return on January 25

55% would like to see number of instructional days increased in K-3

50% would like to see number of instructional days increased in 4-6 

61% would like to see number of instructional days increased in 7-12  


Of the 605 families who responded to the survey, many also added comments, expressing very differing opinions and verbalizing compelling reasons to re-open our schools or remain in remote instruction. In the interest of transparency, and given the lack of consensus, we are providing those comments below:

              86 families wish to remain fully remote

                7 families would remain fully remote due to immunocompromised family members

            141 would like to return to face-to-face instruction, either fully or hybrid

              26 are indifferent or unsure of their decision


The superintendent and the school board will further discuss the decision to return to face-to-face instruction at a finance committee meeting January 12th. Parents can participate or listen to the meeting via the Zoom platform or watch the meeting live via YouTube.

 A decision will be announced on the District website and by way of email to all families by January 15.


Comments from the families who wish to remain remote include:

  • Your teachers are working hard to provide a quality remote learning experience. The hybrid model brings way too many challenges and stress on teachers, and leaves online students feeling left out. The virus cases are higher now than when you closed before the holidays, so why would you re-open now? Keep things consistent, and keep students and teachers safe until it’s appropriate to come back.
  • I am still nervous about sending my son back to school, however, I think the school district is doing a wonderful job and that does give me some peace about it. Thank you.
  • With the numbers steadily high of Covid cases, I do not feel the need to send my kids to school and risk exposure. We love the remote learning model so much and find it to be very effective. I don’t feel it safe for my kids to go back and I also do not want to risk staff.
  • With the new strand of Covid being found and likely spread through the US and at a much more contagious rate, we don’t feel safe sending our children back. We feel that many parents are not being responsible enough to ensure the kids are not catching and sharing this virus. I’ve seen parents knowingly send their children, or siblings of children to school after they were possibly compromised with Covid. I would feel so much better if parents were more proactive, but I understand there isn’t any way for the district to change that. My grade school students are not doing well online, but I am very thankful the district is making it available and the teachers are doing a great job helping through this transition.
  • With the new more contagious strain of virus, I do not feel comfortable sending my child to in person school.
  • We will not be returning to school in person until at least February. The decision will be based on the prevalence in Allegheny county at the time.
  • Want to be safe while we get over this spike. Need to get back to school but safely.
  • Very happy with how in person learning went. They do very well there and the efforts to keep them safe are good. Thank you!
  • Until vaccines are distributed to teachers and staff, it may be safer to wait. I realize that this is an extremely difficult decision to make b/c some kids may be struggling with at home schooling. Another safety reason to consider is that the new variant and mutation that was detected seems to be spread easier through children than the previous virus.Gathering children could spread this stain of the virus in our community to those that each of them are living with including elderly or adults with underlying conditions. They are saying its highly contagious and they have detected some strains in the US. Thank you for your dedication to our students. You have all done a wonderful job at working out ways to keep them safe in uncharted territory. I applaud the team.
  • Until this virus is better under control I feel better keeping my children home rather than the back and forth and higher risk at school , thank you
  • Until there is herd immunity we should have no school. Thanks
  • Until there is a vaccine for everyone...I will not be sending my son to school in the near future.
  • Until the covid-19 numbers stabilize I don't think the kids should return to in person learning.
  • Until the cases of COVID have returned to 200 or less in Allegheny County the children will continue to distance learn. There has NOT been great communication from Carlynton on cases in the district and parents are hearing second and third hand through social media sometimes when the communication should be weekly from administration with the impacted grades via an email not a website like a lot of other districts have implemented. Frankly after the 8th of December 2020 return for one day where students were potentially exposed in 7th grade I don't trust the district to allow me to make good choices so I would rather choose to keep them home.
  • Until the cases go down significantly and more people get the vaccine my child will not be attending in person classes due to home being high risk because of asthma.
  • Until COVID is under control and numbers decrease dramatically I will not be sending my daughter back into the school physically. She will continue online schooling to keep us all healthier and safer.
  • There have been multiple cases of Covid within the district and we were not notified.I do not feel safe sending my children back knowing you withheld that information. Exposed or not.It doesn't mean they would not later come into contact with someone who had been exposed at school whether it was a primary or secondary exposure. We have multiple people in our home who are high risk and we are depending on you providing information that helps us stay safe. By not providing that information we cannot possibly feel comfortable allowing our kids to return to school.
  • The spread of the Covid19 is very scary. For me to send my kids back to in person learning,I don't have anywhere to quarantine so I chose to keep them remotely
  • The numbers are extremely higher in this county than they were when we fully shut down last March. I can't say when my kids will be attending because it's dependent on the numbers and I already work with the public and have an exposure risk. Thanks.
  • Our children will not attend in person school until they receive a Covid-19 vaccine. Will vaccine requirements be needed to attend in person school?
  • The new virus strain is spreading among school age children in the UK according to published studies; wait for vaccine
  • The back and forth between virtual and in person has been too hard for our family. We have more consistency staying virtual.
  • Should you decide to reopen the buildings, please keep the online option as well.
  • Schools should remain closed because Covid isn’t going away for a long time.
  • School should not reopen till everyone is vaccinated and this virus starts to go away. Every year my son starts school, he gets sick and doesn’t get rid of the symptoms till the school year ends my kids will not go back until this is over. Their lives to me are more important that their education
  • Same as last response. I don't feel comfortable with him there but my unemployment was cut off and I haven't received my unemployment, so. What can I do?
  • Please do not rush to reopen schools. You are doing great w/ the virtual learning. I ask that you please remain virtual for as long as possible until we see a significant drop in cases in Allegheny County. We are currently reporting very high numbers. More now than when we closed in December. Consistency for students and teachers as well as their safety is way more important than getting kids back in the classroom physically. We have endured for this long. If we keep things safe and consistent now we will be far more capable of returning to school in a more normal capacity in the near future instead of the disruption of all this back and forth. Please keep the buildings closed and keep our students and school staff safe!
  • Personally, I think that the high school age children should stay home until the cases in our county are under control and teachers are vaccinated. I answered that my son will not be attending if the school reopens in January; however, it will, ultimately, be his decision to make. He currently is hesitant to go.
  • Per doctor recommendations, we are keeping our children home until numbers decrease significantly, or they are vaccinated. New studies from Children’s Hospital of Philly are indicating children that were infected even without symptoms but had previous positive tests are at risk for vascular disease from Covid infection.
  • Online instruction is going well
  • One child is not comfortable attending in-person at all with the current state of the virus. One child is hesitant but on-line learning is a major struggle for him. 3 days in-person per week would be the most he & I (mom) would be comfortable with.
  • Not sure what instructional days means? If it means in person, then no need to increase until everyone is vaccinated and new case rates in Allegheny County drop to zero. If it means increasing the remote learning time, then sure, that would be nice.
  • My child will not be in the school building at all this year. The numbers are still too high and several members of my family are high risk. Sure, you can take precautions and control the kids in the school but that doesn't change their behavior outside the classroom. We feel like all of the kids should be home all the time for the rest of this school year so we are not thrown into chaos every couple weeks.
    The current system with half of the kids in the classroom and half at home is bad. I can tell that the kids at home are not getting attention on those days. I get that some parents need to send their kids in so they can work but it's time to let go of this "the kids stay in the same pod" thing. Have a group that goes into the classroom and a group that doesn't. My child, who normally gets straight a's is struggling this year. It doesn't help that the teachers are not communicating with the parents. I personally sent my child’s teacher several emails that have never been responded to. It took her almost a month to accept a book report my child emailed to her, it was only accepted after he got a warning that it was 3 weeks late and I resent the original email as proof it was turned in on time .I honestly don't know what the problem is but both of my son's teachers have been out for multiple days in a row. If the teachers are going to be out they should send an email or other notice directly to the parents so we are not dealing with kids panicking trying to figure out why the meeting isn't working.
  • My answers are based off of me being required to go back into work. If I continue to work from home that may change my response. Thank you for all of your hard work to keep our teachers, students, and families safe.
  • My son said he'd like to continue to do remote learning, and we support that choice for safety reasons. His teacher is doing a great job at remote learning teaching!
  • My son is in 8th grade, but he's in the special needs classroom and already goes 4 days per week so I answered "Not applicable" for him. When we go back, our daughter in 5th grade, needs to be in a classroom setting to learn. So I am all for more days in person for her! I am waiting for the Christmas and New Year backlash to surge and subside & keeping an eye on the new strain. I would give almost anything to get my kids back in class, but the risks are far too great at this point because some people just can't stay at home for a bit.
  • It is completely reckless to have these children return to school during this pandemic that is surging terribly. Follow Pittsburgh Public’s lead and stay remote through end of the school year and have more enrichment opportunity for students socially and educationally.
  • In regards to the questions about instructional days, I responded assuming it meant if they were to be attending in person and answered as such. Our kids will not return to school until the infection rate in our area is minimal due to health concerns.
  • In person instruction is very valuable but so is the health of the children and their extended family. Until vaccines are readily available and actually taken, a hybrid model would be best. Unvaccinated children should be kept on a hybrid model indefinitely.
  • If cases surge again between now and the 25th, we would likely keep my son home.
  • I’m not sure if and when I would be comfortable sending the kids to school depending on the numbers
  • I’m hoping ours can return in May to at least finish off school in person. Not interested before that time. It’s not school as they know it and prefer for ours to have the stability and structure of our home routine. We realize this is not the case for all but ours are doing great, one even better than she had done at school as I can give her one on one teaching. Lastly, we just want to say how great the teachers are at Crafton! Super impressed and happy with how they are teaching and handling this school year.
  • I would really like to have the district wait a little while longer before returning to in person instruction, to allow more people to receive the vaccine. We are almost at a safer point and it seems a little hasty to return when vaccines are just now being issued.
  • I am not comfortable with them returning because of the rise of cases still
  • Hearing our daughter's classmates talk about the contact they have with extended family or public, we do not expect to feel comfortable with in-person until the public case trends significantly decrease
  • Children should not go daily until they no longer have to wear masks. Very hard to breathe & breaks the face out with acne & I don't think it's healthy to breathe in your own bacteria & carbon dioxide all day long.
  • Cases are still very high and learning should remain remote until the numbers are far fewer.
  • Cases are still high, and I'm still not comfortable with my child returning to school on site. Thank you for your tremendous efforts during this difficult and unusual time.
  • Being online is good for us. As the new form of coronavirus is spreading we are afraid to send our kid to in person school
  • Based on the rising cases and the increasing death rates in Allegheny County, I would not like to see the District shift to in-person instruction until the vaccine is more available in Allegheny County and the positivity rates in the Allegheny County are below 5%.
  • At this time as numbers continue to rise we would like to remain virtual.
  • At this point in time, my daughter, who is a senior, actually does not want to return to school. She does not feel comfortable with the masks and does not feel like it is worth it to go only two days a week. While I understand that you are following all state mandated guidelines, the lack of consistency is definitely a detriment to the students.
  • I would like to make my student fully remote if possible - at least for a short time.
  • I would like to keep it remote learning for now for the safety concerns until we have something at our end to fight this deadly virus. In that way both of us can be safe.
  • I will keep my daughter home for the remained of the school year, regardless of school decisions. Thank you for your continued work and concern for the children in the community.
  • I will be keeping my child home with me until my school district, PPS sends us back. So this is up in the air for us. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • I want to keep my kids remote
  • I think the district should just wait until next school year to do in school learning just too much going on in today's world
  • I much rather my kids stay remote
  • I just feel the cases are still too high average is between 90 to 1000 daily
  • I just feel it’s not safe for the teachers or kids
  • I feel that it is not safe to send the kids they will be carriers of it bring it back to the family’s also it put the teachers mire at risk and staff. The cases are high there is the new strand now going around it is just not safe and no one has the vaccine yet.
  • I feel reopening is important but also the wrong thing to do every time things reopen more and more cases of Covid pop up - the schools been lucky to not have any cases. I feel taking risk is foolish.
  • I feel remote learning is the best option for now and the best play it safe option for all students and faculty. We are halfway through the year almost let’s just wrap up the year with remote and hopefully with vaccine distribution everyone can reunite this coming fall.
  • I feel remote is safest.
  • I don’t feel that it is safe for students to return to in person learning. Covid has affected our family and we’ve taken every precaution to be safe. Plus I am immune compromised so it’s not safe for my boys to return in person.
  • I do not feel comfortable sending my kids back to face to face instruction. They will remain virtual for as long as possible
  • I believe remote learning should continue for the remainder of this school year. Start fresh next school year with less risk and vaccines rolled out.
  • Continuing remote learning is safest for everyone at the moment.
  • I do not feel comfortable having my children attend in person. While having them participate in remote learning is not ideal, I know it's a struggle for them, as well as me, a working mom, I just don't feel that it is safe for them to return at this time.
  • While I feel in person instruction is invaluable, I am in support of abstaining from in person until the children can be vaccinated.
  • We're not sure what you mean by numbers of instructional days increased.
    We want our daughter to be face to face, but right after a holiday where clearly people traveled, I don't think we're ready to open ourselves up to a bigger circle until we see a significant decrease in cases in Allegheny Co.
  • We will choose to remain home until the 25th because our oldest child can move onto her college campus 1/20 if she has a negative Covid test in the few days before. Her brothers agreed wholeheartedly to stay at home so she can hopefully have this opportunity. Thank you again for doing everything you can to make good and reasonable decisions for our students!
  • At this time, I’m ok with my son remotely learning since I work from home, I know he really wants to return to school but he is also still very scared of this virus once he’s comfortable with returning I’ll be ok too. I think Carlynton has done an amazing job with communication and what’s best for the students, teachers, and families
  • Would like to see kids vaccinated before sending our child back. Or at least see the results of these spikes they are forecasting from the holidays. The risk isn't worth our child’s health



Those wishing to return to face-to-face instruction offered the following comments:

  • Younger kids need more in person instruction in order to actually learn and especially us parents who have to work full time need our kids in school 5 days a week.
  • With one child in first, and another in fourth, I did find it a little bit tougher to have two different schedules for two kids in the same school. I don't mind the Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri in school, and Wed at home approach, as long as that could apply to the entire elementary school (grades 4-6 included). I also think my younger child most-definitely learns better in school. He's much too distractible here at home - especially with a younger sibling.
  • We will send our children back to in person the 19th if that is the district’s decision so that they are not missing the social element of school, but we are more comfortable with starting the 25th (or later) in person.
  • We want to go back to in person school.
  • We feel that it is important for the students to resume in-person instruction as soon as possible.
  • We feel it would be beneficial for the children to return full time to in class instruction for their mental and physical well-being also having a routine schedule and to be around their classmates.
  • We are struggling to keep up with online learning. We wish to make it face to face
  • We are fine with sending them, BUT if they show any symptom we would keep them home and do remote until confirmed it was not Covid, and would expect the virtual learning out of necessity not count as absence. We prefer in school. But will do whatever to keep everyone safe.
  • Time to open like many other schools 5x a week
  • They need to go back to school! Unfortunately, I am not a teacher. I can’t do what you guys can do!!
  • They need to go back now!
  • They need to go back as soon as possible. My kids are suffering psychologically. This is cruel.
  • They need to be in person Monday-Friday.
  • The sooner children can start attending school in person the better.
  • The older kids should know how to mask and social distant safely so attending, either date, should be fine.
  • The kids NEED to be in school!
  • The kids are expressing they greatly miss the face to face daily interaction.
  • the days of k-6 should be the same as 7-12 so that parents are able to make schedules.
  • The children are having a very rough time with online learning recently. Going in-person even just a couple days a week, worked very well for us. I would like to see the younger children go 5 days a week. Even my 4th grader would really benefit from more than 2 days a week. Overall, we are starting to lose it in our household, trying to do all this school work at home. We have a variety of ages at home and it is very hard on them, with no time apart, and also very hard on Mom! I appreciate each and every one that works in the district, I know you are trying your best. I will be taking my 6-year-old out of school and do homeschooling, if on-line instruction continues for a long period of time after January 8th.
  • The back and forth schedule is really hard on kids, especially those with special needs. We are all for our son returning to school (and so is he) as long as safety measures are still in place. We believe that we should really not be returning to school until at minimum the 3rd week in January to allow time for any increased risks from the holiday season to be minimized. Hopefully the New Year will find us able to provide a better structured schedule for the kiddos.
  • Teachers are awesome. My wife is not a teacher but she is awesome anyways. For some reason the school system and my children's teachers think it is our responsibility to teach this information to my children. We are here to support them not do all the work. I will not support a teacher pay raise based on the effort my children are receiving from their paid instructors.
  • Summarily studies continue to prove a very low incidence of COVID in children up to age 14 and very low incidence of vector transmission in this age group. Please consider this.
  • Students AND TEACHERS need to be IN the classroom.
  • Stop being cowards!!Open the school. If a family is scared let them stay virtual. End this stupidity already.
  • Son has a IEP plan is doing awful with remote learning
  • Seniors should be able to attend 5 days/week. It’s their last year!
  • same amount of days across all grades.... makes it easier on parents
  • Remote learning has been horrible for us. My autistic son cannot handle remote learning. We are all very frustrated and I am about to pull them out and find other options if remote continues for much longer. This is not working for our family. My kids now hate school because of this. I know it's not your fault, but there has to be a better option for families that cannot do this.
  • Please try to get this kids back in school. Safety is top priority. Split the junior and senior high up 7, 9 and 11 MWF.8, 10, 12 T Th. Then switch the next week. There has to be a way to make this work safely and as efficiently as possible.
  • Please reopen the schools. My kids really need in person learning.
  • Please put them back in school!
  • Please open the school. Our kids need to be in school. School closures are affecting them in more ways than one.
  • Please open the school back up. The safety measures you had in place made that school safer than any place I have had to take my child. My 2nd grader needs to be in a school setting. Virtual school is not working for her and I fear for her future.
  • Our kids are not learning properly. While we understand the need to keep safety in mind. They simply cannot learn at the level needed in an at home online manner. These are critical learning years and they are losing. I feel our district went above and beyond during these times to keep our children and the staff safe. Let’s get back to that please.
  • Our family is awaiting Covid tests (one of us has a positive right now). If the kids have antibodies, we will send them in person after our quarantine period.
  • Other school districts are back to full weeks in person and it’s working for them. I understand the concern but overall I believe our children should be back to in class learning. It's a better education overall. I do have one child staying home but only because so few students are there and it’s just too strange and hard of an adjustment for her. She tried to go back but hated it as she’s a senior and this was NOT how she saw her last year of high school. My son who is younger and adjusts easier will be back as soon as allowed.
  • Open sooner than later 5 days a week.
  • Open our schools back up
  • No significant data showing children infect others, also highly unlikely children without serious health problems could face mortality.
  • My son is in 7th and is struggling very much to stay on task when doing remote learning. His grades are suffering horribly.
  • My son is having great difficulty adjusting to learning on line, particularly with math. He already struggles with that subject and has not been able to get the extra help he needs. In person would greatly benefit him
  • My son does better in person with the teachers. I nor his grandma (who does school with him since I work) are not teachers. He needs special help in math and reading and the teachers at Crafton Elementary are better with him than us.
  • My kids miss physical school, but don't find it worth their time to only go 2 days per week.
  • My kids couldn’t wait to get back into class and once they did, they were disappointed to find they still had remote-like instruction. Due to this fact, they felt it was a waste of time being in class as they get the same schooling being at home. They just want things back to normal as much as possible.
  • My kids attended 4 days a week. I would be fine with 5 days a week. I imagine the decrease in attendance was due to an increase in COVID outbreaks in Allegheny County, however, I feel comfortable sending my kids to class with the preventive steps being taken.
  • My kids are really struggling with remote learning. I believe they would benefit from going back to school.
  • My kids are not doing well with remote learning and need to be back in school. There is always a choice to remain remote, there needs to be a choice to be in person unless there is immediate risk. Their education and mental health should not suffer due to fear. If they can play sports, they can sit in a classroom.
  • My husband and I are both continuing to work through all of this, we have to. That said, we pay taxes so that our kids can go to school. Now that it’s been virtual, we are paying taxes and paying extra to have our child in daycare so that we can work and he can be on virtual learning. I understand that some people don’t want to send their kids, that is their preference. But we want our child to attend school. Remote learning is keeping the wheels turning, but ultimately not what the kids need. In school learning being taught by a teacher in a classroom, socialization, interaction those are all things that our kids need.
  • I'm sure that other children need in person instruction. Although the numbers of Covid continue to rise, the students need help that parents cannot provide. As much as I stay on my daughter's back about her school work, she continues to defy me. In school instruction is definitely needed
  • My child needs to be in school. Thank you
  • My boys would do better by being in school 5 days a week
  • My 8th grader is normally an A/B student. Not anymore. Virtual schooling, thru no fault of the District, is failing him and so many others. These kids NEED in-person instruction plus the social aspect of school. Carlynton has a safety plan-use it for those of us who choose to send our children. Offer virtual for those who want it.
  • Maybe there is a way for students who struggle with online school to physically attend every day and the stable kids split the week? Maybe the same for the students who are in the more advanced classes.
  • Let's get the kids back in the classroom.
  • Kids need to in person teaching. Follow safety guidelines but no one is learning anything at home just doing assignments and not to full ability.
  • Kids need to go back to school. I am not a teacher and did not go to school to teach my child. And I am paying taxes for my child to be in school not home.
  • Kids need to be in school
  • Kids are going everywhere and they know now how to take precautions
    It’s better they start going to school as that will lower the screen time and they will be more active both mentally and physically.
    I strongly recommend to open schools
  • Kids are getting depressed
  • Keeping kids out of school is obviously having a tremendous negative effect on children and the push to keep them out is not based in any scientific data. Multiple studies show that children are the least likely to spread COVID and schools account for fractions of a percentage of spread. I am a mom who works from home. My children are luckily fairly independent and good workers because I raised them that way, but I cannot give them the attention they need while I’m trying to work. It’s time to get them back into the classroom. Thank you.
  • It's time. West Allegheny 5x week the whole time. Mars school, too, and many others
  • It’s been long enough. The kids are ready to go back. Staying home is doing more bad than good for the kids overall mental and physical health. We appreciate everything Carlynton staff and family has done through this unprecedented time. Thank you!
  • It would be so much easier for parent scheduling if the kids all went the same days. It makes no sense to only have 4-6 going 2 days. The exposure is what it is if a family already has children attending 1 day or 4. This has to be an impossible decision, thank you for all you are doing!
  • It would be great if the kids could go full time.
  • I'm hoping That this survey actually makes a difference. My kids need to go back as soon as possible. I do understand that attendance is down when there are in person days. That should not determine whether or not my child shouldn't go. I feel like we fill out the surveys but they never are to our benefit. Thank you
  • I'm confident in the schools plans and would be happy to send mine back.
  • If they are going to continue doing hybrid in the current fashion. I don't see the purpose of sending my child with all the grades on Tuesday and Thursday. If you are able to social distance all the children on those days with everyone there, then you should be able to do it 5 days a week. Our children need to be in the classroom. The transmission rate is low in this age population. I am professionally speaking from a health care provider.
  • I would love to see the kids back in school
  • I would like to see you more help with kids who have learning disabilities who are not learning on the computer if it was possible for them to come to school so they can have in-person learning because it is hard for them to do it online
  • I would like to see in person learning 5 days per week. Thank you.
  • I would like to return my daughter to full in class learning as soon as reasonable. However, with the number of active cases “reported” and the many more unreported this causes me to delay my efforts to get her back into class. I am a huge supporter of getting kids back to full time instruction safely. But all parents need to be proactive for this to occur.
  • I would ask to reopen the school for better education for my children.
  • I work full time and cannot have the kids home schooled. My son is failing. He is in second grade. So I hope you guys pass all the kids regardless because I am not able to teach them. Or I’ll just do all of his work for him and you will have to accept that.
    This is an absolute disgrace what you are doing to these children. There is no threat to the safety of these kids. The emotional and mental damage is horrible.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves to think we can teach these children correctly.
  • I work at home and while my high schooler is great at attending his classes and staying on track I'm torn with my 1st graders, unless he is physically in person it’s hard for him to stay focused during the online classes while I'm working at the same time.
  • I was under the impression we would be going back 1/11, why aren’t we?! There are a lot of other districts around us that are physically back in school. Is there a reason Carlynton can’t get it together to get the kids back in school?
  • I want the school to open because my children are not doing well online school.
  • I understand the need for caution but these children deserve a quality education which remote learning can't match
  • I think the in person interaction for kindergarten students had an immeasurable amount of importance in their developing skills that help them to grow.
  • I think it is important for the kids to be back in school.
  • I strongly feel these kids need to get back to in person learning for their own mental health & wellbeing.
  • I know, as many other parents know, these kids, mine included, are struggling with online learning. While I appreciate the district and all the difficult decisions that need to be made; our kids need to be in school learning if they are healthy and able to do so.
  • I know a great effort was put forth for online learning but it is not working. You will not find one study showing online learning is more beneficial than in class learning. Our children are greatly suffering from not being in the classroom with their teachers. I am hoping Our district puts forth a much better effort than others around the area.
  • I feel the school has done a great job with in person education. Online is not a reality or educational tool for these grade levels. All of them are still learning to learn as well as responsibilities. Keep them in school, spread out classes, use the gym as a classroom and cut the elective courses.
  • I feel the K - 3 students need the classrooms to learn properly these are very important years for these children it teaches them structure for the rest of their school years. I feel they are not learning 100% remotely
  • I feel that my son is falling behind with the online schooling. The way it’s set up to try to create a full day of school is difficult and distracting for him. The amount of breaks that he has is a little obnoxious. He would be better served to do the curriculum as you did it last year with him getting his assignments and having to have them done by the end of the school day. I understand the want to have the interaction with the teachers but if it’s not for the betterment of the child you should rethink the approach because it’s a disservice to the children, parents, and teachers. If you want them to have interaction with teachers, then have them in school. Private schools in the area are doing 5 day a week instruction with no problems so what is the problem in our district if 2 of said private schools are in your district.
  • I feel that children learn better in a classroom. Carnegie Elementary teachers have been doing a fantastic job with the online learning, however as the parent of a kindergartener it is very hard for him to keep focused. I have a 6th grader as well who is typically an A student and who is struggling this year.
  • I feel our kids are being robbed of a proper education. Especially when many schools around country never closed. Our children do not deserve this just based on the fact of where we live. Our only option is to move. Please open back up the schools like normal!!
  • I feel my oldest should be there for sure, as he is part of the life skills program.
  • I feel it is wearing on the students and teachers mentally.
    The students are developing lazy attitudes towards school. There is no motivation.
    Classroom participation, from what we have witnessed, is minimal and has to be frustrating for the teachers.
  • I feel Carlynton school district and all teachers are doing an amazing job.I feel that it’s time to send the kids back to school. My son really wants in person teaching.
  • I don't understand how other schools are opened and we are not. I really feel this is affecting my daughter emotionally, mentally, and physically. I do not think children are receiving their education online as well as they would in person. I never heard of an outbreak in the elementary school, so other than following state restrictions, why the absence of in person learning? This is destroying our children!
  • I can't even begin to state the amount of stress remote learning has put on working parents and the kids who are having more difficulty participating at home every day. This is an untenable situation for parents with small children that are incapable of self-directed learning. It is impossible to work a demanding full time job and facilitate a kindergarten curriculum that requires a minimum of 5 hours parental participation daily for the child to be successful. Nearly every other school has been in person or hybrid the majority of the school year, especially for younger students. Why is Carlynton the anomaly?
  • I believe that the remote learning model is to blame for my son failing his senior year.
  • I believe it is safe for the students to go back to school. The children at least mine need teacher instruction face to face. Also this district has such low numbers why not send them back to school next week!!
  • I am sending my children as they are comfortable. My first grader is uncomfortable in the mask all day and does just as well and is ahead of the game at home. My 5th grader wants to attend so my issues are not with the virus it is with comfortability with my kids
  • Grades k through 3 need the in person teaching Monday through Friday. I believe we are setting them up for failure without it.
  • Expecting for teacher and student to be together in school…with full time enjoying
  • Don't feel that there learning enough, getting the same education as in-person.
  • Depending on the COVID cases in Allegheny County would we feel comfortable sending our child back to school.
  • Children need to be in school to learn responsibility, social skills, to have a schedule to follow. Children learn better in person with a teacher in front of them. They need to interact with other children and adults. They are learning nothing from remote learning. Maybe the only thing they are learning is how to sleep all day .
  • Child wants and needs to be back in school. School district is following Covid guidelines so I feel safe sending her.
  • Bring them back, but make sure you’ve learned they may need additional support and an altered / improved / redesigned curriculum and a fresh start. Thank you for all you’ve done up to this point to keep them on track.
  • At this point for the kid to succeed they need to be back in school.
  • As long as safety measures are in place, as much in person instruction is best for the mental & social health of these children.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics strongly advocates that children attend in person instruction. Recent studies also indicate the infection rate of spread in a school setting is as low as 0.13- 0.24%. I have noted in my own children a decrease interest in learning, lack of retention of learned information, depression and social isolation. The Catholic School community has had in person instruction since August (out of necessity) and has not had any super spreader events. Even with mass vaccine distribution this outbreak will not be over even within the next 12 months. Please allow children to return to school before more unnecessary damage is done to their long term education and socialization Covid was already widespread through our and surrounding communities and schools in Feb / early March of 2020 prior to tracking and somehow we survived.
  • All grades, 5 days a week. This has gone on long enough.
  • All 4 of our children are struggling for various reasons with remote learning, the option to go back in person would be great for our family. 3 of my 4 have had incredible trouble with attendance, prior to Covid, none of my children have ever been truant or "skipped" in person school. We need back in school, the senior is at risk of not graduating this year!
  • Adding more instructional/in school days in grades 7-12 would be beneficial to all students.
  • My son needs to be in school. He is not doing well online at all.
  • Please be sure that confirmed cases are on the decline. If cases go up or head in that direction, I will keep my daughter home, BUT I do want her to have some social contact.
  • I think the information that has been available states remote learning is failing our students. There are too many distractions and our student as a kindergartner performs better in a structured environment.
  • We feel it would be best to resume a traditional method of learning 5 days a week. If that is not possible, we are fine with the hybrid model of four days at school and 1 day home.
  • I am still a little cautious about my children returning to in person instruction, and not 100% on board with a 1/25/2021 date. Depends on a lot of things. Thank you!
  • We are very concerned with increasing trend in number of cases. Whereas we would like our 2 kids to experience class in person and know the benefit from interaction with their teachers and classmates, right now the risks are too high for our family in our opinion. We had sent our son (12th grade) in before things started spiking, but not our daughter(8th). Cases only keep going up. When the cases start to level out or trend downward we will reconsider then. We have health issues that are reason to minimalize our kids chances of exposure. I would think staying remote till at least Feb, when the impact from the holidays has hopefully passed and cases go down, is the best option for us at this time. Hopefully it starts to get better.
  • My kids need to go back to school as soon as possible in person but I am very hesitant to send them due to Covid not getting better. I think the board should wait till February 1st as a return date just to see where Covid situation is at.
  • I would like to see a decline in Covid cases in Pa before I would feel completely comfortable with my children attending in person. However, I realize the desperate need academically and socially for students to return to school.
  • I would like the option to continue with virtual classes for my daughter until a decrease in cases or until there is no longer an option for virtual schooling. Thank you.
  • I work for UPMC on all COVID related projects. The risk to our children and families is not with in person classes when they can’t even interact. It breaks my heart that my daughter is not learning in person with her peers, but her health is more important. Keeping children home for the next few months until we can all be vaccinated will save lives.
  • I want to wait to see what Covid numbers do for 2 to 4 weeks after New Year. A Jan 25 reopening will give more time for hospital workers to get the vaccine, increasing the resources available for those who need hospitalization due to COVID.
  • I do not believe in the on line schooling at all. My child is not good at it and neither am I, BUT...I work in an environment where the numbers are still spiking. I don't have a choice because I am essential, but I would feel horrible if I brought it home and she then brought it to school. Just being proactive I know we could catch the virus anywhere. Thank you.
  • Students need to stay remote to allow the holiday spike to pass and to allow the transmission rates to diminish. If we return too early you are creating an unequal learning opportunity for students who are at risk and choose to stay home to protect their safety.
  • My answers are based on a significant drop in active Covid cases in Allegheny County. If numbers remain high, my children will continue to use remote learning. Please note that the hybrid model needs attention in regard to the attention/interaction with students who are logged in remotely/from home!
  • With new strains of virus coming and we are not sure how many are impacted as asymptomatic as the parents are going out and working. If there is any kind of assessment to be done in school and if that can be a 1:1 in person that will help a lot. Please note this is just my suggestion
  • Honestly I feel more comfortable if instruction stayed fully online at least through this month. Cases are higher than ever at this point and the vaccine has been slow to be released. If we do go back to the previous model, I won't want the in person days to increase from the two my daughter has now. I don't want to have to keep her home if days do increase. I would rather be over cautious than not. I know I said she would be sent whichever day is started but I wouldn't be comfortable with it.
  • We plan to send our child back when the number of cases in our county reach a manageable level.
  • Please wait 2 weeks. The numbers are sure to go up. Back and forth in and out is terrible. Either open and leave it open or stay closed. Everyday is like the first day of school when we go back and forth.
  • While I am in favor of an increase in the number of in person days, this would be contingent upon Covid status within the district.
  • I think that we should increase days for 4-6 and see how case counts do before increasing 7-12 days, if case counts remain steady, then increase 7-12 days - phasing in.
  • I think increasing the instruction days to an additional day may be good for the kids. Seeing the amount of cases in the district is a little scary though. Going to keep an eye on it.
  • I feel Jan 19th would be a good time to return back to in person classes, it's a two week quarantine from (hopefully) students and family being with other family members....but also, my son has been hanging out with his friends since winter break began. So, see what happens and fingers crossed.
  • I don't see any value to doing the back and forth between remote and in person instruction. Once the Covid situation is under control, then return to in person. The back and forth just creates confusion.
  • I do not think we should return until Jan 25 at which time we should then be 4 days a week.
  • I am only willing to send my children back to school, if the numbers begin to decline. However, with the vaccine just now beginning to be distributed I believe January is too soon.
  • As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, and COVID-19 deaths are at an all-time high, I don't feel comfortable or confident physically having my Son attend school yet in the month of January. We are still seeing the effects of holiday gatherings and travel. I believe we should wait a bit longer, until the cases have begun to really decrease, and more people have had an opportunity to get the vaccine. I'd feel more comfortable allowing my son to physically attend by say mid-February.



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