Carlynton School District


Regular Voting Meeting

November 19, 2009

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 p.m.



The Carlynton School District Board of Education conducted its Regular Voting Meeting November 19, 2009, in the library of the junior-senior high school. Attendance included President Thomas Brown, Vice President Patricia Schirripa and Directors Sandra Hughan, Thomas DiPietro, Ronald McCartney, David Roussos, Betsy Tassaro, Raymond Walkowiak and Sharon Wilson. Also present was Superintendent Michael Panza and Solicitor Al Lubelski. Administrators in attendance included Business Manager Kirby Christy, Pupil Services’ Director Lee Myford and Principals Jacie Maslyk, Robert Susini, Courtney Tempest and Christopher Very. The audience was comprised of nine individuals and three members of the press.



Call to order: The meeting was called to order by President Brown at 7:30 pm. Crafton Elementary Principal Jacie Maslyk introduced third grade student Julia Roussos and her eighth grade sister Jacqueline. The girls led the pledge in honor of their father, Director Roussos, who was winding up his eight-year stint on the board. The roll was called by Recording Secretary Michale Herrmann. All members of the board were present.

public comment on business before the board: Resident Jim Schriver questioned the motion on the agenda regarding the feasibility study. President Brown said the board was exploring ways to improve the district and explained the process and manner by which the board had taken to reach this point. Director Roussos said the board was being proactive by trying to assess the current condition of the facilities.


approval of minutes:

Director Wilson moved, seconded by Director McCartney, to approve the minutes of the November 5, 2009 Agenda Setting/Committee/Voting Meeting as presented.  By voice vote, the motion carried 8-0-1 with Director DiPietro abstaining due to absence at the last meeting.


  • Executive Session – President Brown reported that personnel, legal and labor issues were discussed in executive session in accordance with Section 11 of School Code and Board Policy 006.  President Brown then called Director Roussos forward to honor him for his service on the board. President Brown recognized Mr. Roussos for his fiscal management, negotiating an unprecedented six-year teacher contract, and as a friend and advisor. He thanked Eve Roussos, saying that many hours were spent away from family while Director Roussos served on the board. Directors Wilson, Walkowiak and DiPietro also shared kind words about Mr. Roussos.  President Brown then presented Director Roussos with a leather bound portfolio and an engraved pen, a gift from the board as a whole. Dr. Panza and President Brown also gave Mr. Roussos a golden apple; a tribute to the eight years of service on the board. At the conclusion of the presentation for Director Roussos, President Brown recognized and congratulated Nyra Schell, an audience member, and incumbent to the board.

Ø      Principals’ Reports – The elementary principals provided updates to happenings within their buildings. Secondary Principal Susini provided a hand-out with the most recent PIAA classifications and reported on some activities within the school, noting in particular that over 100 students would be taking the ASVAB assessment. It was explained that the ASVAB is a military placement assessment that also discloses where a students’ talents and skills lie. He also distributed the proposed 2010-2011 Program of Studies for board review. Questions arose about the Spanish V course and the board asked for a solution to students who begin a foreign language in grade eight but don’t have an option after Spanish IV is taken in their junior year.

Ø      Director of Pupil Services’ Report – Mrs. Myford said a parent survey will be placed on the district website in an effort to gather information about what parents wish to glean from offered workshops. She added that a bullying program is in the works to promote a positive climate in the elementary schools.

Ø      Business Manager Report – Mr. Christy reported that he attended the first meeting for the tax collection program; about 80 delegates were in attendance. There was further discussion about the athletic account, the Accountability Block Grant and state funding, which is beginning to flow in. Director Walkowiak asked about an expense account on the budget report and Mr. Christy explained that it serves as a clearing account for which he creates annually and then redistributes the funds.

  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Panza reviewed the calendar of upcoming events and reported on the following:

§         This year’s state budget offers zero dollars for Alternative Education; since the district no longer operates such a program, it will not affect us

§         Drug and Safe Schools will also receive zero dollars next year

§         In the state-wide “Race to the Top,” over a billion dollars has been budgeted. The program identifies those schools in the bottom five percent of scores on the PSSA; therefore, the district will not receive much funding, if any

§         Information regarding detentions and suspensions for the year has been provide

§         The H1N1 immunization will be provided at Chartiers Valley High School on November 21 at no cost. It will be administered on a first come, first serve basis

§         A proposed calendar for the 2010-2011 was provided; questions or concerns should be forwarded

§         The ESL contract is on the agenda; an explanation was provided as to the cost and the dramatic increase of students needing support in this area

§         The lunchroom/playground aides were offered a first aid training course, taught by high school nurse Carol Rech. A letter of appreciation was shared

·         Pathfinder Report – No meeting

·         Parkway West CTC Report – Director Hughan read the names of Carlynton students who made the Director’s List; Dr. Panza is the new Superintendent of Record at Parkway; Don Fullmer, a retired technical school teacher spoke at the meeting about raising standards and PSSA scores among vo-tech students.

·         SHASDA – No report

·         PSBA-Legislative – Director Walkowiak announced that House Bill 1858 and PSBA supports an amendment for an additional sales tax and  a hotel occupancy tax as a relief on property taxes. Revisions have been made to the bill to benefit school districts. He added that the bill has a narrowed use and does not include schools in Allegheny or Philadelphia counties. Another bill, HB2081, supports the suspension of funded or unfunded mandates. Director Hughan commented that ADM – Average Daily Membership - falls into play in such matters. A brief discussion arose about an article in the Beaver County Times, which stated that the Ambridge School District is opposed to a proposed charter school in the area.


I. Miscellaneous


Director Tassaro moved, seconded by Director DiPietro, to approve the list of conference and field trip requests as presented and approved by administration:

§   C…M.Mishkin/F.Zebrasky…Facility Tour…Transition/Spec.Ed…11/19

§   FT…M.Smoller/MBVeri…Frick Art Museum…GATE Enrich…11/25

§   FT…M.Smoller…RMU…Diversity Days/Peer Bridges…12/2

§   FT…M.Smoller…Moon Area HS…PSU Engineering Prog…12/4

§   C…S.Kosko…Sheraton SS…Title 1Improving Perf.Conf.…1/31-2/3

§   C…N.Kovanis… Sheraton SS…Title 1Improving Perf.Conf.… 2/1-3

§   C…L.Zimmerman… Sheraton SS…Title 1Improving Perf.Conf.…2/1-3

§   FT…T.Longo/F.Zebrasky…Elementary Schools…Puppet Show…11/25

§   FT…T.Patsko…Radio Station…Radio Show & Programming…11/25

§   C…A.Harrity…AIU…Standards Aligned IEP Program…12/10

§   C…T.Coburn…AIU…Standards Aligned IEP Program…12/10

§   C…B.Harewicz…AIU…Standards Aligned IEP Program…12/10

§   C…R.Susini/S.Barnes…AIU…RtI Framework Conference…12/12

(Miscellaneous Item #1109-1 REVISED)


Director Roussos moved to amend the above motion, combining those from the original agenda and the additions from the addenda, seconded by Director Walkowiak.  By a voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.

The board then approved the original motion by voice vote, 9-0.


II.    Finance

Director Tassaro moved, seconded by Director Wilson, to approve the Treasurer’s Report for the month of October 2009 as presented;

The October 2009 bills in the amount of $1,763,300.67 as presented;


The September 2009 cafeteria operating report as submitted by Aramark Education.  (Finance Item #1109-1)


L. Robert Kimball & Associates to complete a feasibility study for the Carlynton School District in accordance with the regulations of the PlanCon process of the Department of Education. The total cost of this service is not to exceed $20,000 and shall be paid upon receipt and presentation of the completed document.

Director DiPietro asked if there would be any disruption to the students as the study is conducted. Dr. Panza said no.


To declare the list of items presented as surplus and discard appropriately;  (Finance Item #1109-2)


The ESL Service Agreement for the 2009-2010 school year in the amount of $126,634.68 as presented by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit;  (Finance Item #1109-3)

President Brown suggested the ESL program be closely monitored due to the greater increase of students this year. Board members briefly discussed whether it would be cheaper to hire a teacher for this purpose.


The October 2009 Athletic Department Fund Report as presented; (Finance Item #1109-4)


And the October 2009 Activities Fund Report as presented.  (Finance Item #1109-5)  By ROLL CALL VOTE, the motion carried 9-0.


III.  Personnel

Director Tassaro moved, seconded by Director Wilson, to approve the addition to the 2009-2010 Day-to-Day Substitute List as presented and reviewed by administration:

§   Ida Prevost – Cafeteria or Lunchroom/Playground Aide

                   (Personnel Item #1109-1)


The deletion to the 2009-2010 Supplemental Activities List as presented and reviewed by administration and to post for anticipated opening:

§   Brianne Neil, Majorette/Silks Sponsor – Resigning

            (Personnel Item #1109-3)


A salary increase of three percent for Superintendent Dr. Michael Panza as presented;

President Brown mentioned that although the board was prepared to approve the above salary increase several months earlier, Dr. Panza had asked that it wait until the agreement with the Secretarial-Cafeteria-Aides Bargaining Unit was completed and approved.


A long-term substitute position for Mary Campbell for the remainder of the 2009-2010 school year as presented.


Jeannette Samansky for the position of general cafeteria worker as recommended and presented.  (Personnel Item #1109-4)  By voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.



Director Roussos moved, seconded by Director McCartney, to approve the additions to the 2009-2010 Supplemental Athletic List as presented and reviewed by administration:

§   Daniel McDonald – 7th Grade Boys’ Basketball Coach

§   Lora Smith – JV Cheerleading Coach

§   Susan Brossman – Varsity Assistant Swim Coach

§   Jesse Valentine - Junior High Head Wrestling Coach

(Personnel Item #1109-2 REVISED)  By voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.


IV.  Policy

Director McCartney moved, seconded by Director DiPietro, to approve the 300, 400 and 500 series of the Board Policies as presented, excluding Policy Numbers 338, 338.1, 438, 438.1, 424, 524 and 530. 


And the first reading of Policy Numbers 338, 338.1, 438, 438.1, 424, 524 and 530 as presented.  By voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.



V.     Student Services

Director Wilson moved, seconded by Director DiPietro, to approve the Carlynton High School students as independent gymnasts and allow participation in the WPIAL gymnastic program, at no cost to the district, under the following stipulations: 1. Christine Gulakowski and Terri Gazda are the students’ uncompensated coaches; 2. Each student will submit a current physical to be kept on file in the Office of the Athletic Director; 3. Each student meets all academic requirements; and 4. Pending parents’ signature on a waiver to be prepared by the district solicitor:

§   Brittany Kroh

§   Kathryn Stanko

§   Kelsey Ponnick   

(Student Services Item #1109-1)  By voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.






OPEN FORUM:  Audience member Reverend Bowen asked for a status update on a project at Crafton Elementary for which the Crafton United Presbyterian Church was donating $1,000. Dr. Panza said the project, a climbing wall for the gymnasium, was in consideration but the board had some insurance concerns and was waiting on some clarifications from the physical education teacher. President Brown said the matter would be discussed and voted upon once all facts were presented.

Nyra Schell asked if there is a timeline for the feasibility study. President Brown said it would take approximately six months. Several audience members had questions about the study. Parent/resident Nicole MacMurdo asked what will be
gained from the feasibility study. Director Walkowiak said the board will be presented with many options and the public will be involved. President Brown said Kimball was selected to conduct the study because the company is believed to be “transparent” with the public. Director Roussos added that the study will help the board gain a better understanding of the condition of the facilities.  Dr. Panza mentioned that strict standards will be followed under the statutes of PlanCon (Planning for Construction) and an extensive demographic study will be conducted within the community/district. Parent/resident Jeremy Meyer said the process made him nervous as he felt this was not discussed earlier and discussion is taking place now, shortly after the bond debt was paid off. It was of his opinion that the board was acting too aggressively. Several directors said the study has been in discussion since last spring when a Request for Proposal was submitted, approved and advertised. The board then decided to hold off given economic conditions, but has now decided to move forward to gain a better idea of the state of the overall district.


ADJOURNMENT:  With no further business to discuss, Director Hughan moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:31 pm, seconded by Director Roussos.  By voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.