Carlynton School District


Agenda Setting/Committee/Voting Meeting

April 2, 2009

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 p.m.



The Carlynton School District Board of Education conducted its Agenda Setting/Committee/Voting Meeting Thursday, April 2, 2009 in the library of the junior-senior high school. Attendance included President Thomas Brown, Vice President Patricia Schirripa and Directors Thomas DiPietro, Sandra Hughan, Ronald McCartney, David Roussos, Betsy Tassaro, Raymond Walkowiak and Sharon Wilson, via phone. Also present was Superintendent Michael Panza, Solicitor Ira Weiss, Principals Jacie Maslyk, Robert Susini and Christopher Very. The audience was comprised of three individuals.



Call to order - The meeting was called to order by President Brown at 7:30 pm. The pledge was led by Crafton Elementary student Nick Schultz.  Recording Secretary Michale Herrmann called the roll; all board members were present, although Dr. Wilson participated via phone conference.


public comment on business before the board: None

approval of minutes:

Director Tassaro moved, seconded by Director Hughan, to approve the minutes of the March 19, 2009 meeting as presented.  On a voice vote, the motion carried 8-0-1 with Director Roussos abstaining because he did not attend the March 19 meeting.




  • Executive SessionPresident Brown reported that personnel, legal and labor issues were discussed in executive session. He also acknowledged and thanked Bob Mickolay and Frank Sacco of the technology department for hosting the recent computer workshops.

Ø      Principals’ and Business Manager ReportsThe principals distributed newsletters and highlighted certain news items; Mr. Christy noted that everyone should have received a draft of the budget and he would be happy to address any questions.

  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Panza reviewed the calendar of upcoming events and provided the following information:

Ø      SHASDA reservations are due for the April 17-18 convention

Ø      Seven bids were received for print management services; food service bids are to opened April 3

Ø      The district retains mine subsidence insurance for the high school but not the elementary buildings

Ø      The WPIAL is considering six sections for football next week to condense the season

Ø      To maintain the budget, $1.3 million is being shifted from the general fund. Mr. Christy said he budgeted conservatively, and  when all is said and done, he does not perceive a drop in the fund balance

Ø      The stimulus package allows for funding in five categories with specific guidelines for spending; Dr. Panza is attempting to stay ahead of the curve

Ø      Sympathies were extended to the Kohl, Woods and Snelsire families


·         Miscellaneous

  1. Director Tassaro moved, seconded by Director Roussos, to approve the list of Field Trip and Conference Requests as presented:  

§         FT…M.Smoller…NS Charter School / Quiz Bowl…4/16

§         FT…Carnegie K Tchrs…Aviary / Bird Watching…4/22

§         FT…Crafton K Tchrs…Childrens’ Museum…Exhibits…5/11

§         *FT…Carnegie LS…Carnegie Library…Comm-Based Instr…4/8

§         *FT…Carnegie Gr 4 Tchrs…Carnegie Library…Concert…4/8

§         *FT…N. Tobin…Carnegie Library…Musical Production…4/8

§         *FT…J.Welty…PNC Park…Math Enrichment…4/16

§         *FT…M. O’Neil…Sto-Rox MS…WACA Honors Band…4/20

§         *FT…M. O’Neil…Valley Forge…PMEA Concert Band…4/22-25

§         *C…N.Milsom…RMU…Business Ed. Seminar…4/28

   (Miscellaneous Item #0409-1 REVISED*)   On a voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.

·         Finance


Recommend the treasurer’s Report for the month of March 2009; PLACE ON AGENDA


Recommend the March 2009 bills in the amount of $________ as presented; PLACE ON AGENDA


Recommend the Rosslyn Farms Real Estate Tax Refund as presented; (Finance Item #0409-1)  PLACE ON AGENDA


Recommend the March 2009 Athletic Fund Report as presented; (Finance Item #0409-2) PLACE ON AGENDA


Recommend the March 2009 Activities Fund Report as presented. (Finance Item #0409-3) PLACE ON AGENDA


·         Personnel


Director McCartney moved, seconded by Director Tassaro, to approve Andrea Harrity as the facilitator of the elementary Extended School Year Life Skills program for a period of 15 days;  (Personnel Item #0409-1)


Shannon Vitali as the facilitator of the Extended School Year services to an elementary student. The services will be conducted June 22 to July 31, 2009 for six hours per week;  (Personnel Item #0409-2) 


Brian Harewicz as the facilitator of a summer reading program for a period of 20 days;  (Personnel Item #0409-3)


Jacob Trombetta as an after-school tutor for an individual student for 28 total hours prior to the conclusion of the 2008-2009 school year; (Personnel Item #0409-4)


The posting for a facilitator of Extended School Year services to a secondary student. The services will be conducted June 22 to July 31, 2009 for four hours per week; 


And the following additions to the 2009 Day-to-Day Substitute List as submitted and recommended by administration:

§         Sarah Donaldson – Elementary

§         Corinne Franklin – Elementary

§         Bryan Vitali – Health/Physical Education, K-12

(Personnel Item #0409-5) On a voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.


Recommend _________ to fill the one-year internship position as school psychologist for the 2009-2010 school year at a stipend of $15,000. (Personnel Item #0409-5) PLACE ON AGENDA







OPEN FORUM:  Parent Kimberly Brown came forward, expressing concern that her son was injured in a gym class while playing Ultimate Football. Due to pain caused by a fall, she accumulated expenses through co-pays at doctors’ offices and the emergency room and was wondering if she could be reimbursed for those charges. Dr. Panza asked her to submit the bills to him. She also said she was upset that she was not notified of the accident until her son called her, informing her of his pain. She asked that parents be notified immediately in future/similar situations.


Reverend Ed Bowen mentioned that his church is planning some summer programming for students and he would welcome any suggestions.


ADJOURNMENT:  With no further business to discuss, Director Hughan moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:23 pm, seconded by Director Wilson. On a voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.