Carlynton School District


Regular Voting Meeting

January 21, 2010

Carlynton Jr.-Sr. High School Library – 7:30 pm



The Carlynton School District Board of Education conducted its Regular Voting Meeting on Thursday, January 21, 2010 in the library of the junior-senior high school. Those in attendance included President Thomas Brown, Vice President Patricia Schirripa and School Directors Thomas DiPietro, Sandra Hughan, Ronald McCartney, Nyra Schell, Betsy Tassaro, Raymond Walkowiak and Sharon Wilson. Also present was Superintendent Michael Panza, Solicitor Ira Weiss, Pupil Services Director Lee Myford, Business Manager Kirby Christy and Principals Jacie Maslyk, Robert Susini, Courtney Tempest and Christopher Very. The audience was comprised of 7 individuals and two members of the press.



Call to Order - The meeting was called to order by President Brown at 7:30 pm. High school junior Alaina Schuster was recognized by AIU Executive Director Dr. Linda Hippert for artwork selected as the AIU holiday card. Dr. Hippert honored Alaina with a plague and a gift card to Barnes and Noble Bookstore.  Miss Schuster then led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll callThe roll was called by Recording Secretary Michale Herrmann. All members of the board were present.


PRESENTATION: Steve Neidenberger, representative from Hosack, Specht, Muetzel and Wood, provided an overview of the district audit report. He noted several exhibits within the written report and disclosed the fund balances. In all, Mr. Neidenberger said it was a clean audit. President Brown extended kudos to Business Manager Kirby Christy for his fiscal management.


public comment on business before the board: None

approval of minutes:

Director DiPietro moved, seconded by Director Wilson, to approve the minutes of the January 7, 2010 Agenda Setting/Committee/Voting Meeting as presented. By a voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.





  • Executive Session – President Brown acknowledged that school code, contractual, and legal issues were discussed in executive session.

Ø      Principals’ ReportsThe elementary principals announced that kindergarten registration will be held March 9 in Crafton and March 10 in Carnegie; Mrs. Maslyk said a template for writing is being generated and student handbooks are being streamlined. Dr. Susini noted that Parkway West CTC student Jamie Head has been named the student of the month and GATE students performed well at a recent science bowl.

Ø      Director of Pupil Services’ Report – Mrs. Myford reported that a Parent Information Night will be held for parents of Special Education students; in addition the after-school tutoring programs have begun.

Ø      Business Manager Report – Mr. Christy revealed that the next Southwest Tax Collection meeting is scheduled to adopt by laws.

  • Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Panza provided the calendar of upcoming events and made mention of the following:

ü      The high school is hosting the WACA honors band festival

ü      Band uniform updates were provided

ü      An update regarding the traversing wall and archery program prompted some discussion. The insurance company recommended that the district not participate in either program due to potential liability issues. Director Tassaro identified other sports that offer comparable risks and questioned the recommendation. President Brown said he is not in favor of adding the two proposed options. Director Hughan suggested that a vote be taken to see if the discussion should be continued or dropped, based on those in favor and those who disapprove. Director DiPietro said that if a climbing wall is erected in Crafton, then one should be placed in Carnegie as well. Director Wilson said she appreciates the teachers’ efforts to develop new opportunities for students and she believes the board should support them. Director Schell asked Dr. Panza to contact other schools to learn how they have dealt with similar proposals.

ü      A feasibility study presentation will be made at the February 18 board meeting and open to the public. The meeting will be held in the cafeteria

ü      Draft 3 appears to be the recommended calendar for the 2010-11 school year

ü      Comcast will be charging to lease airtime; a contract will be provided. Plans continue to purchase equipment for public access programming on Comcast and Verizon.

ü      A check for $1,340 arrived from ClearChoice Energy; the company is asking the district to renew. Director Walkowiak suggested that bids from competitors be secured.

ü      The WPIAL has realigned; information was distributed to board members.

ü      A representative from the Grable Foundation came to the Towers and appeared to be impressed with the program.

ü      Fifteen applications have been received for the football coach position; the deadline is February 1.

·         Pathfinder Report – None

·         Parkway West CTC Report – Director Hughan reported the district will receive a refund of $86,210 from Parkway. This is due to a lower than expected enrollment of Carlynton students. An open house will be held March 4.

·         SHASDA – None

·         PSBA-Legislative – Director Walkowiak reported that there are some concerns with Race to the Top. It appears that 20 percent of the state’s schools will participate in RTT. The National Secretary of Education said the money offered to school districts is part of Obama’s plan, re: pay for performance incentives. It appears that not all teacher unions are ready to jump on board. Director Schell added that while funds may not be provided to non-participating districts, access to the tools to raise student proficiency will be available. 




I.       Miscellaneous

Director Tassaro moved, seconded by Director Wilson, to approve the Conference and Field Trip Requests as submitted and reviewed by administration:

§   FT…F.Zebrasky…SnoZone…Comm. Based Instruction…1/29

§   C…D.Mitchell…Sewickley… Autism Symposium…1/29

§   C…L.Merglowski…Sheraton SS…PSSA Workshop…1/31-2/3

§   C…F.Zebrasky…AIU3…PASA Training…2/4

§   FT…M.Smoller…Soldiers & Sailors Hall…WorldQuest Comp…2/4

§   FT…S.Barnes/S.Canty…DLL Convention Ctr…College Fair…2/5

§   FT…M.O’Neil…Hampton MS…Jr. High District Orchestra…2/5-6

§   FT…M.Smoller…KDKA Studios…Hometown HQ Comp…2/6

§   FT…F.Zebrasky…Sarris Candy…Comm. Based Instruction…2/10

§   FT…M.O’Neil…Bethel Park HS…Sr. High District Band…2/10-12

§   FT…M.Smoller…Pgh Engineer Warehouse…Nat’l Eng. Week…2/17

§   FT…M.O’Neil…Jeff-Morgan JSHS…Jr. High District Band…3/5-6

§   FT…M.Smoller …NS Urban Pathways School…Quiz Bowl…4/30

(Miscellaneous Item #0110-1) 

By a voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.


II.    Finance

All finance items were approved in one motion:

Director McCartney moved, seconded by Director DiPietro, to approve the Treasurer’s Report for the month of November 2009 as presented;


November 2009 bills in the amount of $1,824,393.95 as presented;


Treasurer’s Report for the month of December 2009 as presented;


December 2009 bills in the amount of $1,568,000.70 as presented;


The December 2009 Athletic Fund Report as submitted and reviewed by administration;  (Finance Item #0110-1)


The December 2009 Activities Fund Report as submitted and reviewed by administration.   (Finance Item #0110-2)


The Carlynton School District Financial statements Audit Report for the year ending June 30, 2009, as presented by Hosack, Specht, Muetzel and Wood, LLP.  (Finance Item #0110-3)


Authorize solicitor to file tax appeals on behalf of the district on properties where the recent sale price exceeds the assessed value by $50,000 or more;  (Finance Item #0110-4)

Solicitor Ira Weiss said the objective of this motion is to offer the district a guide to review any discrepancies in the assessment values of recently sold homes.


Borough of Carnegie Real Estate Tax Refund for January 2010 as submitted;  (Finance Item #0110-5)


The December 2009 Cafeteria Report as submitted by Aramark Educational Services.  (Finance Item #0110-6)  By a ROLL CALL VOTE, the motion carried 9-0.


III. Personnel

All personnel items were approved in one motion:

Director Hughan moved, seconded by Director Wilson, to approve the following additions and deletion to the 2009-2010 Supplemental Athletic List as presented and to post for the anticipated opening:

§   Jason Sharp – Varsity Head Boys’ Baseball

§   John Tortorea – Varsity Head Girls’ Softball

§   Mark Knochel –Varsity Assistant Girl’s Softball

§   Nate Milsom – Varsity Head Boys’/Girls’ Track

§   Annemarie Bunch – Varsity Assistant Boys’/Girls’ Track

§   Benjamin Kohl – Varsity Assistant Boys’/Girls’ Track

§   Richard Milsom – Varsity Assistant Boys’/Girls’ Track

§   James Glaser – Varsity Head Boys’ Tennis

§   Caitlin McManus – Junior High Boys’/Girls’ Swimming

§   Emily Tupi – Junior High Girls’ Volleyball

§   Ryan Gevaudan –  Resignation, Assistant Athletic Director

             (Personnel Item #0110-1)


Name the following individuals to the 2010-2011 Supplemental Athletic List as presented:

§   Larry Fingers – Varsity Head Boys’ Soccer

§   Evan DeRenzo – Assistant Varsity Boys’ Soccer

§   Jocelyn Illig – Varsity Head Girls’ Soccer

§   Kimberly Steiner-Squires – Assistant Varsity Girls’ Soccer

§   Emily Tupi – Varsity Head Girls’ Volleyball

§   James Glaser – Varsity Head Girls’ Tennis

             (Personnel Item #0110-2)


The salary increase for Business Manager Kirby Christy as proposed;


Jeanine Butts for the position of after-school tutor at Carnegie Elementary as presented.  Compensation will be at the teacher’s per diem rate and paid by Title 1 grant monies.  (Personnel Item #0110-3)


Leave of Absence request by employee #CFT10-18 as presented.  (Personnel Item #0110-4)  By a voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.


IV.  Policy

The following policy item and subsequent transportation item were approved in one motion:

The first reading of the 600 policy series as reviewed and submitted;  (Policy Item #0110-1)


V.     Transportation Services

The Request for Proposal for Transportation Services presented and to advertise said proposal.  (Transportation Services Item #0110-1)

By a voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.

Per the transportation RFP, Dr. Panza explained the current contract expires June 30, 2010. The RFP will be advertised and will be mailed to 12 to 14 bus companies. The RPF offers the option of a one-year contract up to a five-year contract.




NEW BUSINESS: Director Hughan asked if there was any consideration given for ninth graders to attend Parkway next year. Dr. Panza and Dr. Susini said it was not certain if the curriculum would meet the needs of credit requirements for students. Director Hughan said Parkway is exploring options to meet the curriculum/credit requirements and she hopes the guidance department will ease the transition for those students who wish to attend Parkway.


OPEN FORUM:  Parent Dean Davis spoke, saying he supports the board’s decision to open the varsity football coaching position. He shared an incident during the football season that occurred with one of his sons and complained that due to gates being locked, access to the practice field was not accessible by ambulance. It was his believe that all coaches should have a key to the gate.


Audience member William Griffin introduced himself, adding that he was a Carlynton graduate and played football for Carlynton. He said he came to the meeting to inform the board that he would like to be the new football coach. He went on the say that he has the passion, skill and desire to turn the program around.


ADJOURNMENT:  With no further business to discuss, Director Hughan moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:14 pm, seconded by Director Wilson.  By voice vote, the motion carried 9-0.