Individualized Education Program - Grades K-12

The Individualized Education Plan, (IEP) is a written plan that tells what special education programs and services a child will receive.  The IEP identifies the goals for the child’s program, the specialized instruction that will be used to teach the child and the way in which the child’s progress will be monitored.

Extended School Year (ESY) Presentation
by: Lee Myford, Pupil Services Director of Carlynton School District
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Extended School Year  
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Gifted Support - Grades 1-12
The Gifted Support program challenges students in non-conventional areas. Extensive work in problem solving is introduced, coupled with creativity. The classroom provides an intellectual outlet for students with numerous enrichment activities and challenges to engage critical-thinking skills. Students in the gifted education program are encouraged to compete in area competitions such as the Invention Convention, Future Problem Solving, Calcu-solve, Carnegie Science Center Science Bowl, The Literature Festival and the University of Pittsburgh's Model United Nations. Students are identified for the program through a screening process and teacher referral.
Instructional Support - Grades K-12
Instructional Support is a process by which all students are afforded the opportunity to achieve. Assistance from the Instructional Support Team (IST) can be requested by a child's teacher or parent. Students who require support are identified upon exhibiting unsatisfactory progress in academic skills or social behavior. Requests for assistance can also be generated by the IST due to problems such as poor attendance, low standardized test scores or disciplinary concerns. The IST is comprised of the following persons: a principal, parents, support teacher, teachers and other appropriate professional school staff. The team meets to review the concerns, pertinent data and to implement a plan of action to assist the child.
Title 1 Reading - Grades K-3
The Title 1 Reading program provides extra help and instruction for students who need it the most. The largest federal aid program for the nation’s schools, the funding is used to assist students with reading skills. Participants are identified for the program based on achievement test scores in reading, teacher recommendation and classroom grades. The program also provides assistance and support to parents/guardians by helping them understand their children’s difficulties.
Speech and Language Therapy - Grades 1-12
The District’s Speech and Language Therapy program is designed to service children with communication difficulties. These difficulties may include problems with sound articulation, voice, fluency, vocabulary development, delayed speech and language, auditory reception, processing, memory and verbal expression. Children are identified for the program through a screening process, teacher referral and the student's Individualized Education Program* (IEP).
Homework Support - Grades 1-6
An after-school homework-support program provides students with an environment conducive to homework completion and instruction. A partnership with community members who volunteer their time to assist students offers positive role-modeling, the development of organizational skills and responsible homework-completion habits.
Character Education - Grades K-6
The Character Education program, often referred to as the STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review) program, provides an opportunity to recognize students when they exhibit excellent character or behavior. A school-wide topic for the month encourages good habits while focusing on specific words – responsibility, citizenship, caring, respect, fairness, trustworthiness and random acts of kindness – and provides recognition and validation to those students who emulate the theme.
Peer Mediation - Grades 4-12
The Peer Mediation program is designed to teach students that there is always a peaceful alternative to physical violence. Students who are selected by their peers and teacher recommendation to become Peer Helpers or Mediators embrace the spirit of the Peer Mediation program. The helpers/mediators are trained to become good listeners and offer an opportunity for students who are “in conflict” to listen to, understand, and respect the views of others, while not taking sides. The program encourages those involved in conflict to resolve their differences and reach an amicable settlement. Mediation is always presented as a choice by which the disputants have freely chosen.
ESL - Grades K-12
The ESL program (English as a Second Language) is specifically adapted for those students who have moved into the District from another country and do not have a firm grasp on the English language. ESL is a contracted service through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.   Responses to a Home Language Survey, given to the family upon registration, determine if an evaluation will be requested.  Results of the evaluation, determine if services will be provided.  ESL is a program that will provide students with the language skills they need to participate successful in content area classes.  The program is a source of support as the student seeks to understand and adapt to his/her new cultural and academic setting.  The program helps to ensure the student’s full access to the range of educational opportunities available in the school.
Occupational/Physical Therapy - Grades K-12
An occupational or physical therapist visits the schools on an as-needed basis to work with students identified as needing therapy to develop fine motor skills and coordination. OT/PT are contracted services through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.  The need for services is determined through a screening and evaluation process.  Services will be provided at the level necessary to insure the child is successful in the school environment.  Students are assessed every year to determine continued eligibility for services.
Life Skills - Grades K-12

The Life Skills curriculum is specially designed instruction for students with significant differences in learning styles that prevents learning by traditional methods.  Curriculum focuses on a “hands-on” approach, teaching skills necessary to live in semi-independent or independent situations.  Students learn appropriate social behavior to function successfully in society. Students also learn skills necessary for future employment.  Children enrolled in LSS must have an IEP stating the need for individual or small group instruction.


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