Gifted and Talented Education

Students are identified for the Gifted Education program through testing, preceded by a screening process and teacher or parent referral.  The junior-senior high school program provides highly individualized plans to meet the needs of students with diverse interests and advanced levels of skill in various disciplines of their choice. There are no scheduled GATE classes at the junior-senior level; instead the GATE program offers students a wide choice of challenging, interest-driven, individually designed enrichment activities within the curriculum.   

Students in the GATE program are encouraged to compete in bowls/ competitions such as the History Bowl, Future Problem Solving, Calcu-solve, the Science Bowl, AIU Apprenticeship Programs, the Knowledge Master Open, CMU Computational Linguistics Olympiad and the Vocabulary Championship.

Summer opportunities are available at area colleges and universities.  

The gifted education program provides enrichment for students in grades K to 12. Competitions and activities are age-appropriate and offer enrichment through a variety of advanced-level disciplines.
Mrs. Cynthia Eddy facilitates the elementary and secondary gifted education program. She can be reached by calling 412-429-2500, ext. 2126.

"The road to success is navigated by the heart. It is taken by those who are willing to explore their options, pursue their dreams, and travel with winners." - Unknown

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